How to maintain your GRC Certifications



Maintaining ALL of your certifications is straight-forward

(we use a single CPE program for all of our certifications)

  1. maintain an All Access Pass
  2. complete 8 hours of continuing professional education every calendar year

Continuing professional education (CPE) requirements are waived for the first calendar. We do this to keep everyone on an easy to manage annual schedule. So, for example, if you get certified in January 2018, your first calendar year of required CPE is 2019. If you get certified in December 2018, your first calendar year of required CPE is also 2019.

Also, the 8 hour requirement is for ALL of your certifications. For example, if you have GRCP, then you need 8 hours total. If you have GRCP + GRCA you need 8 hours total.

Use the following resources to maintain your GRC Certifications. As always,  just ask if you have questions about which option is right for you.

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