Family Governance

Most businesses start as family businesses. However, when families and the business grow, the dynamics typically tend to become more complicated. Members of the extended family grow up with a nuance of expectations on the future of the business. About 95% family businesses do not survive the third generation of ownership because they fail to transform from a Family set up to a Corporate set up. The transformation process is affected by family relationships, values, legal concerns and a host of soft and business issues that make the transformation, most of the time, complicated and cumbersome. At Governance Dynamics, we help family businesses define and navigate a transformation journey that is specifically fit for them as the dynamics of each family is unique.

Private Sector

The private sector has been bombarded with Governance requirements driven by new rules, regulations and concepts in addition to business competitiveness and innovation. Balancing these business challenges is an art that maybe costly if not prioritized well but could fuel the next stage of growth if executed well. At Governance Dynamics, we help Clients define pragmatic solutions to address their Governance challenges taking into consideration their strategy and growth plans.

Public Sector

Governance has reached the Government and Semi Government institutions some time back and is affecting how Governments think and operate. With the Citizen being at the Center, and driven by Innovation and Global Risks like Cyber and Sustainability and related reporting, Public Sector Governance is shifting to go beyond pure Compliance. At Governance Dynamics, we help Governments and Semi Governments define the Governance Solutions fit for them and support them in their implementation.

Who We Are?

Governance Dynamics is a professional services Firm focused on providing Governance related services. The Firm is led by seasoned professionals with long track record in the Middle East and overseas delivering Board and Board Committees assessments, risk management, Compliance, Business Continuity, Internal Controls design and assessments including policies and procedures and authority matrices among other solutions.

Corporate Governance codes and recommendations have been evolving for some time and are expected to continue to evolve. The evolution has been by innovation, financial disasters and emerging risks such as Cyber. While these codes tended to be ‘standardized’ in their applicability, organizations vary in terms of size, business model, geography, risk exposures and tolerance, etc. vary significantly and hence emerged the need for customized solution that fit the needs of the organization.

Governance Dynamics solutions are not standardized but rather pragmatic and fit for purpose designed to address the issue at hand taking into consideration other factors such as the strategic outlook of the business in the immediate short term and the long term. Because Corporate Governance is future looking, our solutions are designed to help organizations govern the future today.

Completed Courses
At Governance Dynamics, helping people succeed by delivering high-quality, long-lasting performance results is our overarching goal. In a world that is always changing, we think that adaptation and continual learning are two of the most important abilities. We can “future-proof” ourselves via learning new things, developing our resilience, and using new abilities. The opportunities are limitless when we approach learning with an open perspective.